Martanda Kaleera  ₹21,000

Nothing captivates us more than a delicately designed and thoughtfully hand crafted kaleera’s for our beloved brides who are all about the details. Made with quality pearls and shells, hand embroidered and assembled with such care and love, multiple strands of pearls and strings of shells are tied with finesse and finished with 22ct Gold Finish, these kaleera’s are not to be missed.

Alankriti Kaleera ₹11,000
Anjani Kaleera ₹15,000
Lilavati Kaleera ₹7,500
Roshni Kaleera ₹9,000 (Customisable)
Keya Kaleera ₹11,000
Gauri Kaleera ₹13,000
Gul Kaleera ₹6,500
Nithya Kaleera ₹7,500
Veda Kaleera ₹9,500
Pushpa Kaleera ₹10,000
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